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"Societal Catastrophe" Prints

"Societal Catastrophe" Prints

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Hey art lover! šŸŽØ Time to give your walls a stylish upgrade with our Charcoal Drawing Fine Art Print ā€“ the perfect blend of class and comfort for your space!

šŸ–¼ Art That Speaks Volumes : Imagine your favorite charcoal artwork, but now on a poster that's just as impressive. It's like bringing a slice of the art gallery home ā€“ minus the fancy dress code!

šŸ” Home Sweet Art Gallery : Turn your living room into your personal art haven. Our fine art print is like a stylish hug for your walls, giving your place a cozy yet sophisticated vibe.

šŸ“ Your Size, Your Style: We get it ā€“ not every wall is created equal. That's why we offer a nice five varieties. Whether you're going for a bold centerpiece or a subtle touch, we've got your back.

šŸŒ Crafted with Love, Right Here : Our posters are like a hometown hero ā€“ assembled with care in the USA from parts gathered from all over. It's not just art; it's a piece of homegrown love.

āš ļø Size Sneak Peek : Heads up, there might be a tiny size surprise (+/- 1/16"). It's like your art saying, "I'm one of a kind!" Embrace the uniqueness; it's what makes your piece special.

Ready to make your walls the talk of the town? Dive into the world of charcoal drawing with our Charcoal Drawing Fine Art Print. Because who says your living room can't be as cool as the Louvre? Let's turn those walls into a masterpiece!āœØ

About the piece

It was made with charcoal. In the beginning, it was just dust, from the dust the blueprint was formed.

The blueprint was measured and modified, then rearranged with pencil, what was before was erased but the remains lingered.

The construction started with experimentation, willow sticks, pencils, rectangles. What came of this was variations of pencil streaks, what was light turned dark.

Soon it all was dust.

Dust is what was and will be.

All was charcoal of course.

Finished with a can of fix.

Carved onto a 20" x 30" canvas. 1" frame.

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