Little about me

Salve, here to bring color and meaning to the canvas. Born in 03 and a native of Austin, Texas, I stepped into the world of art in November 2021. But my journey as an artist began long before that, as a child with a love for drawing horses and wildlife. In 3rd grade, I succeeded in a art contest, a milestone that fueled my passion further.

Painting is my chosen medium to express my experiences and emotions. With each stroke of the brush, I aim to touch people's hearts and hope that my stories impact their lives. Hikes and philosophy fuel my creative spirit, providing inspiration and depth to my work.

While my artistic skills are rooted in basic art classes in high school and what I've learned from YouTube tutorials, I am grateful for the guidance of wonderful teachers who have influenced my development. From doodling to bringing aesthetics to life, I find joy in losing myself in the paint, allowing myself to discover what truly holds meaning.

In a world dominated by technology, I strive to break free from its grip and find my authentic self in my craft. I seek to create art that resonates with people, where they connect with the canvas, understanding the scars and makeup that make it beautiful, born from both suffering and triumph.

Now, as Salve, I delve into mixed media art, primarily focusing on acrylic painting. Themes of absurdism, reflection, and the human experience within a changing environment frequently find their way onto my canvas. But above all, I believe that art is a tremendous gift bestowed upon everyone. We are all artists, vessels for the expression of life itself. Through my journey, I aspire to show the world that anyone can create, igniting the artistic spark within every individual.

Join me as we dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds, where art becomes a powerful medium for self-expression, connection, and discovery. Let us embark on this artistic adventure together, painting our lives with vibrant colors and profound meaning.