This ego coming to the world in Austin, TX on 2003.

Ages it took to abandon distractions and to fall back onto creativity.

Years I have been experimenting with technique and tools.

I loved Texas culture as a kid; loving all the bluebonnets, horses, birds, i drew them all.

Wet city nights after elementary school I enjoyed sketching out horses from books I borrowed from the library. I was ecstatic of drawing anything I could find. This energy though dissipated onto the drift of life, this creativity falling for the tale of societies storylines.

The winds though found me back to the same fire late senior year in high school. Unleashing again the same enthusiasm, fascination for such a craft to bring to life. The power to manifest the imagination onto the physical, and to fall within the flow of natures beauty.

A lot of jargon I know, but it has a profound meaning in every word and speaks many truths I believe and know can't be empirical

I now want to bring aesthetics and a reaction to the world in symbolism to everyones homes, I believe they are needed to be home to the arts.